Slickplan Help Sitemap Builder Getting Started

How do I modify my sitemap?

The new Slickplan sitemap builder is outfitted with an intuitive drag & drop feature that makes changing the layout of your sitemap a breeze. You can add, edit or reorder pages and subpages. If you want your Slickplan sitemap to be polished and visually appealing, you may use other editing options such as styles, themes and colors.


To add data to a sitemap page:

  1. Hover your mouse over the page you wish to edit and click the three dot menu on the right side of the page cell. A properties panel with several options will slide from the right.


  2. Several options will be displayed:
    • Info Tab
      • Notes
      • Links
      • Page Types
      • Sections
      • Diagrams
      • Content
      • Mockups
      • Page status/label
      • Page style
    • Files
    • Feedback
    • Page metrics
  3. Select one of the above options and start modifying your sitemap.

To edit sitemap page name:

  1. Single click on the page label you wish to edit, change its name and hit Enter to confirm.


To reorder sitemap pages:

  1. Hover over the sitemap page you want to move.
  2. Click and drag the page cell then drop it in the chosen place on the sitemap.


To delete a page:

  1. Open the page properties panel and in the top right corner click on the trashcan icon.
  2. Confirm by clicking Delete.


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Use the Batch Edit option for more awesome sitemap styling!