How do I add contributors to projects?

How do I add contributors to projects?

You can add contributors while creating a new project, or add them later to existing ones.

To add contributors at the beginning of a project:

  1. click on the member search box and browse through the list of existing users. To filter through many users start typing their name into the search field, here.


  2. Click on a user’s name to add it to the project.


  3. Additionally, you can grant users permission to manage, approve or/and lock the project.


  4. To add a new user, select Add new member and fill the invitation field. Optionally, grant the locking/approving permissions.


  5. Send the invitation by hitting Add member.

To add contributors to an existing project:

  1. Open a sitemap and navigate to Settings in the upper right.


  2. In the Project Settings modal window, click on the Add a project member to browse existing users.


  3. Save changes after adding project contributors.

To add users to multiple projects at once:

  1. Check the boxes next to each of the sitemaps. Once the projects are selected, click Assign on the bottom toolbar.


  2. Select users from the list and click Add. This works for adding single users to multiple projects, or multiple users to multiple projects.