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Adjusting sitemap page and text sizes

Adjusting the page and text sizes in your sitemap to fit your preferences will improve the readability and organization of your workspace.
This article will walk you through how to customize page and text sizes for each project separately and how to establish them as default settings for all your projects and in the shared view.
To begin, open a sitemap and locate the toolbar. In the center, you will find the Page Size and Text Size menus.

Adjust the sitemap page size

  1. Hover and click the Page size menu.

    page size menu

  2. Choose between Large, Medium, or Small. You’ll see the size of your sitemap pages change automatically.
    select page size

Adjust the page text size

  1. Hover and click the Text size menu.

    text size menu

  2. Choose between 12px, 14px, or 16px. You’ll see the text size change automatically on your sitemap pages.

    select text size

Adjust page and text size for sharing purposes only

    Shared sitemaps can also be customized regarding page and text sizes, making them easier for users to view.

  1. Click the Share icon on the navigation bar.

    project share

  2. Select Share settings.

    share settings

  3. Enable Set default text size and Set default page size, and then choose your desired options for the shared view.

    share page text sizes

Adjust the page and text size globally

  1. Open the dashboard and navigate to the My Profile menu. Select General settings.

    open general settings for notifications

  2. Under Formatting, select the preferred page cell and text size. Changes will save automatically.

    general page text sizes