How can I share my projects?

It’s easy to share your work with other team members. You can copy an URL and share your link anywhere in the web. Also you can send it via email directly from your Slickplan’s toolbar or share your work to other integrated services: Basecamp, Slack, Teamwork and social networks.

The following article will explain how to share your work.

First you need to click the Share button under the page header.


Sitemap Link

  1. From the modal window select Link tab.
    Click Copy to Clipboard and share the link.

    You can also use Open In New Window option and then just copy a URL from your browser’s adress bar and share it wherever you like.


  2. You can limit access to your sitemap by setting a password. Click the checkbox Enable Password Protection, enter your password and click Save Password. Now your ready to share your protected sitemap link.
  3. You can enable showing comments on your shared sitemap. Check the Show Comments On Shared Page box below sitemap link.

Send An Email

  1. To share your sitemap via email click Send An Email tab.
  2. Select recipients by checking the boxes next to their names.
    You may also add new recipients by entering their name and email.
  3. Subject and content of your message are set by default. You can add your comment optionally.
  4. When finished click Send Message.


Integration with other services 

If you would like to share your work on Basecamp, Slack or Teamwork please see the articles below:

  1. How to use Basecamp integration?
  2. How to use Slack integration?
  3. How to use Teamwork integration?
  4. How to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?








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