Notification email formatting

In Slickplan you can create email templates, so your emails look great and are relevant to your recipients.

Below are the formatting codes that you can use to personalize email content:


Action Code Sample
Bold Text **Text Here** Text Here
Italic Text __Text Here__ Text Here
Link [Text Here]( Text Here


Action Tag Sample
Recipient’s First Name %first_name% Josh
Recipient’s Last Name %last_name% Smith
Recipient’s Username %username% jsmith
Recipient’s Email %email%
Account Owner Name %owner_name% Josh Smith
Company Name %company_name% Example Corp.
Slickplan Account URL %domain%
Sitemap Permissions %permission% approve
Sitemap Role %role% editor
Sitemap Name %sitemap% Example Sitemap Name
Generated Password %password% oj19ka#ka
Comment %comment% Hey guys, great sitemap, thanks!
Sitemap or Login page URL %url%


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