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How does Slickplan's File Library work?

How does Slickplan's file library work?

Slickplan’s file library stores images, videos and files you can use when working on your sitemap.

  1. Navigate to the sitemap toolbar and open the File Library.


  2. The file library can store images, videos and files in different formats (.doc, .txt, .pdf, .zip, etc).


  3. The Show filter allows you to view all uploaded files, files from other projects or just the current one.


  4. To filter files by type, select the following options:
    1. Images – to display only image files.
    2. Videos – to display only video files.
    3. Documents – to display other file types.
  5. The Uploaded By filter will allow you to see files added by a specific user.


  6. You can also sort files by name, size and date.


  7. To change the view from large icons to a file list, click on the list icon in the upper right corner.


  8. Click the Upload Files button to add new files to the file library, or you can drag and drop a file from your computer to Slickplan’s file library.


  9. To preview, download, or delete a file from the library, hover over the file and click on one of the icons.


  10. To download, or delete multiple files at a time, select a few files and on the bottom bar click Delete, or Download.


You can use files from your library when using design mockups or adding content to your sitemap pages. Learn more in Design Mockups and Content Planner.