How your Plan is prorated for an upgrade or downgrade?

If you're going to be running a lot of projects simultaneously, or your team is growing bigger and you need more active users on your Slickplan account you can upgrade at any time. In the opposite situation you can also downgrade your account. To read more about upgrading or downgrading please visit this article: How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

Before you begin you should know the following:

  • Only the account owner or an administrator with the 'changing payment settings' permission can upgrade or downgrade an account (please visit this article How do I edit user details?

  • You will be asked to archive some of your current projects if you have more active sitemaps than the new plan allows

  • Make sure that you have funds on your credit card before upgrading

Please note that your billing cycle and renewal date will change after upgrading or downgrading your account. When upgrading your monthly subscription or changing the plan from monthly to annually, you will be charged the prorated difference between the two plans based on the remaining time in your billing period. Also, if you would like to downgrade your monthly plan it will be best if you do it at the end of the month, because the surcharge will not be refunded.

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