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How do I add a form builder block to a page?

To add a form block:

  1. Select Content from the project navigation bar.


  2. Select and open a page from the list.


  3. Click the Form block from the side toolbar to add a new form block at the end of the page. You can also drag the block to an alternate position of your choice within other existing blocks if they exist.


  4. Start designing the form by clicking on the Add Form Component button and selecting the first component from the dropdown list.


    • Text Input – in this field you will be able to put one line of text, for example, name, surname, or company name
    • Text Area – adds a simple text field in which you can put, for example, comments to the shop order
    • File/Image Upload – this component is for placing a file upload field, for example, a profile picture in the sign up form
    • Dropdown – this component allows you to add multiple positions to a dropdown menu, for example, a list of states/cities in the purchase form
    • Radio Button – This component allows you to add predefined sets of mutually exclusive options, for example, shipping method
    • Checkbox – here you can create a list of voluntary (e.g newsletter) or compulsory (e.g Terms & conditions) options
  5. Click on a selected component to add it to the form then enter its field label.


  6. The dropdown, radio button, and checkbox components have additional options. Enter its labels and click on Add Option below.


Additional options:

  • To preview the form, click Share Page above the block and then Open in new window.


  • To collapse or expand all components of the form block, hold the shift key and single click one of the arrows next to the components name.


  • Click on Add Label on top of the form block to add its label, for example, The Purchase Form.

  • To swap the components, either click on the up or down arrow next to each component, or drag and drop it to the right position.


  • Additionally, you can leave a guideline at the bottom of the content block.


  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right to edit a block label and add an HTML wrapper.