Slickplan Help Diagram Maker Creating and Managing Diagrams

How to arrange symbols in layers?

Each new diagram symbol you add to the canvas will appear on top. When creating a diagram where symbols overlap, you’ll find the need to control which elements appear in the foreground and background.

When an element is positioned correctly but it overlaps with other symbols in a way you don’t like you can move it to the foreground, background, or in between the other symbols.

To change the symbol position:

  1. Select a symbol and on the bottom bar click Bring to…

  2. You will see four options to choose from:

  3. Bring to front will place the selected symbol on the top


    Bring forward will move the symbol one layer higher over the preceding symbol


    Send Backward will move the symbol one layer behind the symbol before it


    Send to back will place the symbol on the very bottom layer of the diagram