How do I add new workflow state (status)?


Page workflow state is a handy attribute for tracking progress of your content. Here’s how to add new workflow state i.e. page status:

  1. Navigate to content dashboard and click Add Status button below the progress bar.

  2. Enter a name for your new workflow state.
  3. Assign a color to your new workflow state.
  4. Here, we add “Needs Further Revisions” status in purple color. Click Save when done.

    Now you have added new status along with the existing ones. To learn how to change page status, click here.

If you want to edit or remove a workflow state, simply hover your mouse over a specific status box when the little edit/remove icons appear.

  1. Click the blue icon to edit name and color of selected workflow state.
  2. Click the red icon to remove selected workflow state.

You may also drag & drop status boxes to the left/right to rearrange their order of appearance.

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