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How do I add a new content status?

How do I add a new workflow status?

Page workflow status is a handy attribute for tracking progress of your content. You can assign statuses in two ways: on the content dashboard, or directly in the page properties panel.

Here’s how to add new workflow state i.e. page status:

  1. Open the content dashboard, and click on the Workflow Status on the navigation bar.


  2. Click Add status on the right above the status list.


    1. Enter a name for your new workflow state.
    2. Additionally, enter a short description of the new status.
    3. Use the color picker to assign a color to your new workflow state.
    4. Additionally, you can check the lock page editing (read-only) option. This option prevents changes on every page with this specific status.
  3. As an example, we will add Needs Further Revisions status in purple color. Click Add status when done.


Now you have added a new status. To learn how to change page status, click here.

If you want to edit or remove a workflow state, select a specific status on the list and from the action menu:


  • Click the pencil icon to edit the selected workflow state.
  • Click the trashcan icon to remove the selected workflow state.
  • Click the clone icon to duplicate the existing status.