How do I add text blocks to a page?

To add text blocks to a page:

  1. Navigate to your sitemap menu and click Add Content.

  2. Click a page link either on content dashboard or on the content gathering user interface.

  3. Under Add Content Block, click Rich Text block or Plain Text block as per your own choice.

    Clicking the Rich Text block will bring up a text block with an advanced text editor. From here you can easily add different text formats (paragraph & headers), links, align text and create bulleted and numbered lists.

    If you want to dig deeper into the source code, click the source code icon and make all the  necessary changes within it.

    You can even toggle fullscreen!

    Clicking the Plain Text block will add a block for simple text.

    Once you’re done with adding text content to your page, hit Save button at the top!

Please note you can add more than one text content block simply by clicking again the rich/plain text block icons at the bottom!

To see how your content is displayed please see the following article Can I preview my page after content is added?

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