Slickplan Help Diagram Maker Creating and Managing Diagrams

How do I create a diagram?

How do I create a diagram?

You can create page diagrams in two ways: in the Diagram Maker dashboard or in the page properties panel.

To create a new diagram in the Diagram Dashboard:

  1. Open a sitemap and navigate to the Diagram Maker.01._diagram_daszboard.png
  2. To import a previously exported standalone diagram, select the Upload Diagram option and upload an XML file from your computer.02._upload_diagram.png

    To create a new flowchart, select New Diagram.


  3. In the modal window, enter a diagram name and select a page from your sitemap to which the diagram should be assigned.04._modal_window.png

    Optionally, select a pre-built diagram template from the list. To preview a template, click on the preview icon and the template will open in a new browser tab/window.



  4. When finished, click on Add Diagram.06._add_diagram.png
  5. Your new diagram will appear on the list. To edit your flowchart, click on its name.07._open.png

To create a diagram in the page properties panel:

  1. Open the page properties panel and click on the Add user flow diagram icon.image1.jpg
  2. Enter a diagram’s name and click Apply.image2.jpg
  3. The diagram name and link will display in the properties panel – click on it to open the work area.image4.jpg
  4. Open the symbol panel on the left and begin working on your project.image3.jpg