How do I assign a template to a page?


You can improve the look of your pages not just by adding cool content but adding page templates as well!

Here’s how to assign a page template:

  1. Navigate to content dashboard and check a page you want to assign with a template.
  2. Click Assign Template.

    Assign Template to Selected Pages modal will pop up. In this modal you will see the list of available templates. By default, the selected template is set to Unassigned.
  3. Select a template as per your own choice and click Save Changes.
  4. Assigning template will remove custom content from pages. Click OK in Confirm dialog.

The selected page (Slickplan - Login) is now assigned with the Login Page template, as seen on the screenshot below.

When assigning a template to some page, any existing content in pages will be removed and elements will be locked.

This means that user can’t add any new or delete existing elements from inside the page view. User can add/remove elements on the template edit page.

To find out how you can create a new template, click here.

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