How to add links to my sitemap pages?


To add links to your sitemap page, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the small arrow on the right of the grey cell with the page name you wish to add links to.
  2. From the drop-down list click Add Link option.

  3. To add an external link, mark External Link option. Type in your URL link and click Save.
  4. To add an internal link, mark Internal Link option. Select section and a new page to link to your page. Click Save.

  5. A link icon will appear on the right of the cell which you can later click to edit.

To see how the link is used you may click Share button on top of the page. Under Sitemap Link tab click Copy to clipboard button.

Paste the sitemap link into your browser and navigate to your sitemap page. In this particular example, you can click the sitemap page (World in Figures) where the new link (dummy link) is added and you will be redirected to that new link.

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