How to create a sitemap by using text file?

You can build a new sitemap by importing a text file stored on your computer. This text file contains page levels written in the format showed below

:: Home Page

++ Utility Page 1
++ Utility Page 2
++ Utility Page 3

Top Level Page
-- Second Level Page (Child of Top Level)
---- Third Level Page (Child of Second Level)
------ Forth Level Page (Child of Third Level)
Top Level Page
-- Second Level Page
-- Second Level Page
---- Third Level Page 
---- Third Level Page
---- Third Level Page
-- Second Level Page
-- Second Level Page

>> Footer Page 1
>> Footer Page 2
  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Open an existing sitemap. Please note that importing a new sitemap will overwrite your existing sitemap.
    1. Or, create new sitemap.
  3. Click Import/Export tab above your sitemap.

  4. Select Import tab in the modal.
  5. Check Use a text file radio button.

  6. Click Browse to locate the text file on your local computer. Or,
    1. Paste file content in the blank cell. Please note that Slickplan supports text files using the format showed in the example above.
    2. Click Import when completed.

You have created new sitemap in just a few clicks!

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