How to add comments to your sitemap?


One of the greatest advantages of our Slickplan sitemap generator is team work! Your team members can now add comments in real time while working on the same project.

To add new comment:

  1. Click Comments button located above your sitemap.

  2. Write your comment in the visual editor (WYSIWYG). You can style it by inserting numbered lists, links, bold text etc.

  3. Click Post Comment. The comment appears on the left.
  4. To reply to someone’s comment, click the little arrow just below the comment you intend to reply to.
  5. To delete a comment, click x mark just below the comment you intend to delete.

So, commenting in real time means sharing ideas with your team members instantly. Each person who works on the project can see, in that exact time, if another person is commenting.

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