How can I see who are sitemap contributors?

In terms of user accounts, we have three user types:

  • Account owner
  • Administrator
  • Contributor

Account owner can be responsible for approving the sitemap in case there’s no other person previously assigned with the approval permission. Only one person can be assigned to approve a sitemap.

See How to approve a sitemap?

Administrator is person with administrators rights. He/she can edit all sitemaps, user detail and account settings except for payment/plan settings and the invoice history (that is reserved for the account owner). He can’t view invoices and change payment/plan settings. The administrator can lock or unlock all sitemaps and will see the Lock Sitemap option in the slickplan File menu. An administrator can approve the sitemap if there’s no approval person added to sitemap. Administrator account can't be set via Contributors dialog, only under Edit Users in Settings.

Contributors can be assigned with editor / viewer privileges per sitemap.

  • Editor is a person who can edit the sitemap. Editors can lock the sitemap or be responsible for approval only if these permissions have been given to them. See How to add editors & viewers?
  • Viewer is a person who can only view the sitemap and be responsible for sitemap approval. Viewer cannot lock/unlock the sitemap therefore he/she will not see the Lock Sitemap option in the slickplan File Menu. Instead, the viewer will see Approve Sitemap in slickplan File menu, if assigned with the approval permission.

To see the list of all contributors:

  1. Click the Contributors link above the sitemap.


  2. On the left you can see the list of editors, and on the right you can see the list of viewers.
  3. To add editor, click Add Editor.
  4. To add viewer, click Add Viewer.
  5. When completed, click Save Changes.

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