How to add a custom page type?

To add custom page type, follow these steps:

  1. Hover your mouse over a sitemap cell. Click on the arrow that appears to the right and on the drop down list.
  2. Select Page Type. There will be 9 different options displayed.


  3. Click Add Custom Page Type

  4. Enter new page type name.
  5. Click Add Custom Icon to add an icon to your new page type.

  6. Click the icon as per your choice.

  7. To add custom page type description, click Add Description button.

    1. In text editor, enter page description.
    2. You can also insert numbered lists and links here.
      1. To add a link select the text you want to make a link and click the link icon above the text field.
      2. Insert your link.
      3. Click Submit.

  8. If you want to change the icon, click Edit Icon, or click Remove to completely remove it.

  9. Click Save when completed. Your new Calendar page type is displayed in the left cell corner.

Each time you save custom page type as your new page type, you can use it again later. Your previously saved page types are listed below the default page types. See the image below.


To view page type description:

  1. Click Page Type.
  2. Hover your mouse over the specific page type.
  3. Click the question mark. Page type description will be displayed.
  4. To edit custom page type, hover your mouse over it and click small pencil icon on the right.


To delete custom page type:

  1. Click Page Type.
  2. Hover your mouse over the specific page type. Click the small pencil icon on the right to edit custom page type.
  3. Click Delete Custom Page Type button.

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