Slickplan Help Sitemap Builder Customizing Sitemaps

How do I customize colors of my sitemap and pages?

You can create and customize your sitemaps with a variety of visual tools to make your work unique and personal.

Slickplan includes options such as:

  1. Color Themes

    You can choose any default theme for quickly and easily coloring your sitemap and pages:

    How to apply sitemap color theme?

  2. Custom Palette

    For a more custom approach, you can save swatches or palettes with the ‘custom palette’ option. You can also load a previously saved palette:

    How to add a custom color theme?

  3. Page, Line and Text color

    Choosing your page, line and text color is another easy way to customize your project:

    How to edit sitemap page, text & line color?

  4. Single Page and Text color

    Our customizing tools allow you to not only change the colors of the whole project, but also to highlight single pages:

    How can I change individual page color & text color?