How do I customize colors of my sitemap and pages?

You can create and customize your sitemaps with various visual tools, that make your work unique and personal.

Slickplan includes options such as:

Color Themes
You can choose any default theme for quick and easy coloring your sitemap and pages.
How to apply sitemap color theme?

Swatch Presets
You can change your sitemap colors according to the selected sitemap level and using our predefined color palette.
How to edit sitemap swatch presets?

Custom Palette
For a more custom approach, you can save swatches or palettes through the 'custom palette' option. You can also load a previously saved palette.
How to edit sitemap custom colors?

Line and Text color
Choosing your line and text color is an another easy way to customize your project.
How to edit sitemap text & line color?

Shadow & Gradients
You can add shadow to text and page gradient.
How do I edit sitemap shadows & gradients?

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