Slickplan Help Sitemap Builder Working with Sections

Creating sitemap sections

How can I create a section?

Sections help companies and schools organize large websites with many pages and different departments more efficiently.

These websites need content to be segmented into easily navigable groups.

To add a new section:

  1. Choose the desired page, open its properties panel, then select the plus icon beside Add Section.

    plus add section

  2. Choose the Create a new empty section option to begin building your section from scratch.

    create empty section

  3. To segregate an existing group of pages within your main sitemap, opt for Move child pages to section to migrate a whole branch.

    move children to section

    To maintain the page styling, check Copy styling.

    move children copy styling

  4. Click Apply to create the section.

    apply to create section

To access the new section, click on its name in the properties panel or the section icon on the page cell.

open section by name

To delete a section:

  1. Open the Page’s properties panel and select the trashcan icon beside its name. By default, the section and its pages will be deleted.

    delete section
    To retain the section’s pages and relocate them to the primary sitemap, select the Move section pages to main sitemap option.

    move children to main sitemap

  2. Click Apply to confirm and delete the section.