How do I add table block to a page?


To add a table block:

  1. Click Add Content on the sitemap menu.

  2. Click a sitemap page either on content dashboard or on the content gathering user interface.

  3. Click the table block.

  4. By default, 3x4 size table is added to your sitemap page. If you want to add a table of different size:
    1. Click the little arrow on the right.
    2. Select the number of rows and columns.
    3. Click OK.

  5. Start typing text into table cells.
  6. Hover your mouse over a table cell. It will turn blue and the little arrow will appear on the right. Click it in order to expand the list of options. From here you can add new rows and columns as well as delete them.

  7. When done click Save.

If you want to add another table simply click again the table block below.

To see how your content is displayed please see the following article Can I preview my page after content is added?

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