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How to create a sitemap using a text file?

How to create a sitemap using text file?

You can build a new sitemap by importing a text file stored on your computer. The text file contains page levels written in the format shown below:

:: Home Page

++ Utility Page 1
++ Utility Page 2
++ Utility Page 3

Top Level Page
-- Second Level Page (Child of Top Level)
---- Third Level Page (Child of Second Level)
------ Forth Level Page (Child of Third Level)
Top Level Page
-- Second Level Page
-- Second Level Page
---- Third Level Page 
---- Third Level Page
---- Third Level Page
-- Second Level Page
-- Second Level Page

>> Footer Page 1
>> Footer Page 2

Note: Top level pages can not have any dashes in front of their names. Any child level pages should be indented with even number of dashes: for example second level should have 2 dashes -- and third level should have 4 dashes ----. Space is required after the dashes and before the page name.

  1. Click on the New Project button, or open an existing project. Please note that importing a text file will overwrite your current sitemap.
  2. Click on the Import button on the toolbar.


  3.  In the Import panel, from the available import options select Text File.


  4. Click on the Select File button to locate the text file on your computer, or drag & drop the text file. Import will start automatically.


  5. Alternatively, instead of uploading a text file, select Copy and paste contents and paste the file content into the blank field.


  6. Click Submit when completed.