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How do I archive/unarchive a sitemap?

How do I archive & unarchive a sitemap?

You can archive sitemaps in the same way as archiving diagrams.

  1. From the dashboard, select a sitemap from the project list. If there are a large number of projects set the show filter to Sitemaps and select the desired project. You can also enter its name into the search bar on the left.


  2. Hover the mouse over a particular row, function buttons will appear on the right. Click on the Archive icon.


  3. To archive multiple sitemaps at once, check the boxes next to each of the sitemaps. Once the projects are selected, click the Archive button on the bottom bar.


  4. That’s it, your sitemaps are now archived for later work.

To restore archived sitemaps:

  1. Set the status filter to Archived.


  2. Hover your mouse over the three dot menu on the right, then click on the Activate button.


  3. To activate multiple sitemaps at once, check the boxes next to the desired projects. Once the sitemaps are selected click the Activate button on the bottom bar.