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Cloning sitemap pages

Pages in Slickplan can be cloned in a few different ways.

Clone pages with drag and drop:

The fastest method is to use drag and drop coupled with a few other easy keyboard shortcuts.

Clone multiple pages by dragging parent and child pages to a new position on the canvas, holding the Command (Mac) or Control (Win) keys.

Cloning sitemap pages 1

To clone a single page, drag and press the Option (Mac) or Alt (Win) keys.

Cloning sitemap pages 2

Clone pages from the properties panel

Pages and their selected attributes can also be cloned from the properties panel:

  1. Open the properties panel and click the Copy icon on the top right.

    copy icon in properties panel

  2. Select a cloning option:
    • Selected page and child pages: clones the selected page and its child pages
    • Only selected page: clones only the selected page
    • Only child pages: clones only the child pages of the selected page.

    select cloning options

  3. From the Parent Page dropdown, indicate a new location for the cloned page.

    select new parent page

  4. Include additional elements, like page types, links, notes, custom colors, files, contents, or diagrams.

    additional cloning options

    Click the Clone button to save changes.

Clone pages in bulk:

  1. Select a group of pages by clicking the checkboxes on the top of each page.

    select pages to clone

  2. From the bulk edit bar, click Clone.

    click clone on bottom bar

  3. Select the parent page from the modal window to which you wish to clone and click Clone to finish.

    select new parent for cloning