How to clone sitemap cells?

How to clone sitemap cells

A page, or a group of pages, can be cloned in two different ways. To clone a single page:

  1. Open the page properties panel and in the top right click on the Copy icon.


  2. Select the cloning option:

    1. Selected page and child pages
    2. Only selected page
    3. Only child pages
  3. Click the Parent Page dropdown list in order to select a page, or existing section where the cell should be cloned.


  4. Additionally, select one of the optional methods to clone your sitemap page:

        • Page types
        • Links
        • Notes
        • Custom colors
        • Files
        • Contents
        • Diagrams
  5. Click Clone.

To clone a single, or multiple pages:

        1. Select a page or group of pages by checking the boxes.


        2. On the bottom bar, click Move, and then enable the Duplicate pages option.


        3. Select the page to which selected pages you want to clone as subpages.