How to clone sitemap cells?

To clone a sitemap page or a group of pages, follow these steps:

  1. Hover your mouse the sitemap cell you wish to clone.
  2. Click the arrow on the right, and select Clone.


  3. Select the Section for your newly cloned cell. Choose the section from the list of the previously created sitemap pages.

  4. After selecting a section (in this example, we choose Main Section), select a Parent Page among the sitemap pages.

  5. Choose from the following clone options:
    1. Only selected page
    2. Selected page and child pages
    3. Child pages
  6. Choose Selected page and child pages to clone the Team Work page and all of its child pages.
  7. Click Clone. The Team Work sitemap page is now cloned under the new parent page About Us.

  8. To include page types, links and notes into the cloned cell, select from these options:
    1. Include Page Types
    2. Include Page Links
    3. Include Page Notes

  9. Click Clone.

Your sitemap page Team Work is now cloned with the existing links, notes and page types (if any)  under the page About Us, where About Us is called the Parent Page.

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