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How to clone sitemap pages?

How to clone sitemap cells?

A page, or group of pages, can be cloned in a few different ways.

The fastest and most convenient method is to use drag and drop coupled with a few different easy keyboard shortcuts.

Clone multiple pages by dragging a parent and child pages to a new position on the canvas while holding the Command (Mac) or Control (Win) keys.

To clone a single page, drag and press Option (Mac) or Alt (Win) keys.

  1. Open the page properties panel and in the top right click on the Copy icon.HELP-579.jpg
  2. Select the cloning option:
    1. Selected page and child pages
    2. Only selected page
    3. Only child pages
  3. Click the Parent Page dropdown list in order to select a page, or existing section where the cell should be cloned.Screen_Shot_2020-11-12_at_1_45_31_PM.jpg
  4. Additionally, select one of the optional methods to clone your sitemap page:
        • Page types
        • Links
        • Notes
        • Custom colors
        • Files
        • Contents
        • Diagrams
  5. Click Clone.

To clone a single, or multiple pages:

        1. Select a page or group of pages by checking the boxes.Screen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_1_25_03_PM.jpg
        2. On the bottom bar, click Move, and then enable the Duplicate pages option.Screen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_1_27_16_PM.jpg
        3. Select the page to which selected pages you want to clone as subpages.Screen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_1_29_41_PM.jpg