Slickplan Help Sitemap Builder Working with Sections

Clone sitemap pages as sections

To clone a sitemap page as a new section:

  1. Open the selected page’s panel and click on the Copy icon located at the top right corner.

    page copy icon

  2. Choose a cloning option:
    • Selected page and child pages: Creates a section with the selected page and its child pages.
    • Only selected page: Creates a section with just the selected page.
    • Only child pages: Creates a section displaying only the selected page’s child pages.

    adjust cloning settings

  3. Choose a location for the section by selecting from the Clone To dropdown menu.

    select parent for clone

  4. You can add elements from the original pages such as page types, links, notes, custom colors, files, content, and diagrams.

    adding elements to clone

  5. Select the Clone into a section option and click the Clone button to finish.

    select clone to section

  6. The page you picked just turned blue, showing that a section has been created. Click the icon here to open it up.

    cloned page as section

Check out our article on how to remove sections.