How to clone a sitemap page as a section?

How do I clone sitemap pages as a section?

To clone a sitemap page as a section:

  1. Open the page properties panel, in the top right click on the Clone icon


  2. Select the cloning option:

    • Selected page and child pages
    • Only selected page
    • Only child pages
  3. Click the Parent Page dropdown list in order to select a page, or existing section where the cell should be cloned as a section.


  4. Check the Clone into a section option at the bottom and additionally one of the optional methods to clone your sitemap page:

    • Page types
    • Links
    • Notes
    • Custom colors
    • Files
    • Contents
    • Diagrams

  5. Click Clone.

    Your sitemap page is now cloned under the Parent Page as a section. A blue icon will appear on the right of the Parent Page indicating that the cloned cell is now a section.

View Section Pages

  1. Click the section icon on the right of the Parent Page to view the section.
    The section will now be displayed and will contain:
      • Parent Page
      • Cloned Cell

    You may add new pages or subpages to your cloned cell.

Another way to view your section:

  1. Hover your mouse over the Parent Page and open the properties panel.

  2. Click on the page name next to Page Section.


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