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How do I delete a sitemap?

How do I delete a sitemap?

We always recommend archiving, or exporting your projects rather than deleting them (see How do I archive/unarchive a sitemap? or How do I export my sitemaps?). This way you can always go back to your project. This is much safer than deleting all of your hard work.

It is important to understand that deleting a sitemap will result in permanent removal of the project and all related information.

  1.  From the dashboard, find a sitemap from the project list. If there are a large number of projects, set the Show filter to ‘Sitemaps’ for a clearer view. You can also enter the sitemap’s name into the search bar on the left.


  2.  Hover the mouse over a particular row, function buttons will appear on the right. Click the Delete button.

    To learn more on how to delete just a version of a sitemap please visit this article.


  3.  To delete multiple sitemaps at once, check the boxes next to the sitemaps you want to remove. Once the projects are selected, click the Delete button on the bottom bar.


  4.  Confirm your action by clicking Delete again in the pop-up window.