How to edit sitemap custom colors?

Custom colors allows you to add a color palette to your sitemaps. In other words, adding custom color means to create new swatch preset which will later be used to color your entire sitemap or only the selected sitemap levels.

  1. From the Styles menu select the Custom Color. A colors editor tool, prepopulated with your current color set, will show above.


  2. Click any blank swatch to add a new color or click an existing one to edit it.


  3. You can customize background and text colors for the selected sitemap levels. Click the color or enter the color’s hexadecimal value. The Sample Page bar helps you to choose desired tone. In the end click Save.


  4. When you are done composing your palette you can optionally save it for later use, even on another projects. 


    • Add a name for your palette and click Save Palette.


  5. Click the checkmark button on the right to apply new colors to your sitemap.

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