How do I customize an account to match my company branding?

How do I customize an account to match my company branding

Create a custom subdomain and add your logo and background colors to the header to match your company branding.

  1. Select the My Profile menu from the dashboard and click Company settings.


  2. To update the header background color, use the color picker to select a color. If you use a light background color, we recommend checking the dark text option so the text on the header will remain visible.


  3. To add your company logo select use company logo and click on the link labeled change to add a new graphic in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format. Images larger than the suggested resolution will be automatically resized. We recommend a PNG file with a transparent background.


  4. You can edit company details in the company name field by entering a new company name.


  5. Change your account subdomain by editing the field labeled account URL.


  6. Click Save changes.