I need more space to work on my sitemap. What's an easy way to do this?

When you tire of scrolling from top to bottom and left to right of a large sitemap, use this article to learn how you can gain additional space in the workarea and make your work more transparent.

  1. The simplest way to gain a bit more space for your sitemap is to collapse the header by clicking the arrow to the right, on the sitemap management bar.


  2. Additionally, you can expand or collapse cells to get a better sitemap preview and clear up some space. Each cell that has child pages contains a small ‘+’ or ‘-’ button at the bottom. To collapse the child pages, click the small ‘-’ sign.


    Similarly, to expand the child pages, click the ‘+’ button.


  3. When your sitemap is becoming a little too wide, you can zoom out your sitemap just by clicking the magnifying glass icon on your toolbar.


    You can also use the keyboard shortcut of ‘ctrl’ + ‘-’ to zoom out or ‘ctrl’ + ‘+’ to zoom in. To learn more about hotkeys please visit: What shortcut or hotkeys can I use?

  4. Another easy way to simplify your workarea is by using the Section feature. This featureallows you to manage large page structures by dividing them into a few separate branches. You can read more about sections here.


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