Slickplan Help Sitemap Builder Creating Sitemaps

Maximizing the sitemap builder workspace

To enhance your Sitemap Builder workspace efficiency for large projects, utilize features like collapsing or expanding, zooming in and out, adjusting cell size, changing orientation, and adding sections.

Collapsing and expanding

To expand or collapse a branch of a sitemap with child pages, click the upward or downward arrows at each page’s bottom.

collapse child pages

Utilize the Collapse All or Expand All buttons in the toolbar to handle all sitemap levels simultaneously.

collapse all pages

Zoom in and out

Utilize the Zoom In/Out menu or keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl — to zoom out or Ctrl + to zoom in (Windows) and Cmd — to zoom out or Cmd + to zoom in (Mac). These options enable you to adjust the project view as needed quickly.

zoom in out buttons

Adjust cell size

Select the Cell size icon from the toolbar to adjust the page dimensions. Options include small, medium, or large.

cell size buttons

Change orientation

Select the orientation icon from the toolbar to toggle between horizontal, vertical, or family tree layouts.

orientation menu

Create Sections

Utilize the Section tool to organize extensive page layouts by segmenting them into distinct branches. Explore further details on sections.

To add a section, access the page’s properties panel and click the plus (+) icon to create a new section.

page sidebar creating section

Click Apply to create a new empty section or relocate child pages to a section.

click apply to add section