How does Slickplan's file library work?

Slickplan’s file library stores images, videos and files you can use when working on your sitemap.

  1. Navigate to the sitemap menu and click File.
  2. Select File Library.


    The file library can store images, videos and files in different formats (.doc, .txt, .pdf, .zip, etc). Uploaded files (beside image thumbnails) are shown in a thumbnail view using the icon in the bottom right corner of the window, indicating the file format.


  3. Once you open a file library, you will see all files because the Show All option is selected by default. To filter files by type, select the following options:
    1. Images - to display only image files.
    2. Videos - to display only video files.
    3. Files - to display other filetypes.


    4. To show files attached to your sitemap, check Show files from this sitemap only.

  4. Click the Add Files button to add new files to the file library, or you can drag and drop a file from your computer to Slickplan’s file library.


  5. To preview and download a file from the library:
    1. Hover your mouse over a file and click Preview.

    2. To view the file in full-size, click the View Full-Size button.
    3. Click the Download button to download a file.
    4. Click Cancel to return to the file library, or click X to go back to your sitemap.

  6. To delete a file from the library:
    1. Click a file to select it (you can select more than just one file).
    2. Click Remove Permanently.
    3. In the warning modal, click Yes, Delete to permanently delete the file(s).

You can use files from your library when using design mockups or adding content to your sitemap pages. Learn more in Design Mockups and Content Planner.

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