Design Mockups overview


Whether it’s a rough wireframe, a sketch, or a polished design mockup you need to upload and share, we’ve created the perfect new addition to Slickplan called Design Mockups. Just like any other page attribute, it’s accessible from the page menu and instantly gives you access to drag and drop image files onto your sitemap.

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard and select a sitemap.
  2. Click the small arrow right next to the sitemap page cell of your choice.
  3. From the menu, click Design Mockups.

  4. Upload your images, designs, and wireframes. You can upload them manually or select from the library.
  5. Once your images are uploaded, you can add more by clicking the button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Each sitemap page can have unlimited images, and tweaks and iterations are easy to track.

  6. Images can include comments by any of the contributors working on your project. To do so:
    1. Type your comment in the text area on the right.
    2. Click the Post Comment button. Your comment now appears in the discussion area next to your image. Comments may contain bulleted lists, hyperlinks, etc.

  7. If needed, you can download your image by clicking the Download button.

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