How to lock/unlock the sitemap?


Sitemap lock option is only available to account owner, administrators and all editors that have Lock/Unlock Permission selected. For more information about granting lock/unlock permissions and taking them away, see the info on sitemap contributors.

So if you are account owner, sitemap administrator or editor with given permissions, follow these steps to lock a sitemap:

  1. Login to your Slickplan account.
  2. From the list of your sitemaps open the one you wish to lock.
  3. From the sitemap toolbar, hover your mouse over File.
  4. Click Lock Sitemap.

  5. Click Dashboard on the top of the page. Locate your sitemap name and check under Status, you will see that sitemap is locked.

When you lock a sitemap, all of its versions are locked for further editing too. Only an administrator can unlock the sitemap.

To unlock a sitemap:

  1. Open the locked sitemap.
  2. Above sitemap you will see a message saying “This sitemap has been locked. Unlock.
  3. Click the Unlock link to unlock the sitemap.

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