Slickplan Help Sitemap Builder Customizing Sitemaps

Editing default sitemap colors

To edit the default appearance of your Slickplan Sitemap Builder project:

  1. Open the Styles panel by clicking the paint bucket icon from the toolbar.

    paint bucket

  2. At the top of the panel, you’ll see three options for global colors:
    • Fill: Defines the background color for all pages in your project.
    • Text: Specifies the color of text on the page.
    • Line: This sets the color of the lines that connect pages in your sitemap.

    gobal color swatches

  3. To change the color of each option, click the color swatch.

    click global swatch

  4. Select your preferred color using the selector, then click Save when you’re satisfied to apply the new global settings to your project.

    global text color picker

  5. To improve the visual hierarchy of your sitemap, assign distinct colors to each sitemap level by clicking directly on their respective swatches.

    sitemap level colors

  6. To restore customized colors to their default settings, click Reset to Default at the top right corner of the Styles panel.

    reset global to default