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Using the batch editor

Batch editing allows multiple pages to be updated at the same time. This can save you significant time when making similar changes across your sitemap.

Please note: using batch editing will overwrite the current page state, including color themes, statuses, and notes.

To batch edit selected pages:

  1. Open a sitemap and select pages by clicking their checkboxes. The batch editor will appear at the bottom of the page.
    selecting pages
  2. Use the Fill swatch to edit the background color of the selected pages.
    batch color update
  3. Use the Text swatch to edit the text color of the selected pages. The above adjustments will be immediately reflected on the pages.
    batch color updates
  4. Additionally, add the following attributes to the selected pages:
    • Click Type to add a new page type. Select from 12 default page types or the custom page types (Creating custom page types)
    • Click Link to add internal or external links
    • Click Notes to enter notes about the pages. Click Save to confirm.
    • Click Status to mark selected pages with their current status (e.g. draft, complete)

    batch editing tools

  5. Click Done on the right to confirm the changes.
    click done to save batch edits

Reorganize the sitemap structure quickly with the batch editing:
To delete multiple pages:

  1. Click the Delete button on the batch editor and confirm in the modal window.
    batch deleting pages

    confirm batch deleting pages

To move or clone multiple pages:

  1. Click the Move or Clone buttons. From the modal window, select the parent page under which you want to move or clone the selected cells.
    batch move clone
    Click the Move or Clone button to confirm the changes.
    moving pages batch