How to create multiple versions of my sitemap?


Building a super quality sitemap means there will always be some changing and updating. We are striving to accommodate all of the user’s needs and, therefore, we have enabled an option to create multiple versions of your sitemap. This way you are able to always track your changes and perform all the necessary improvements on your sitemap.

To create multiple versions of your Slickplan sitemap:

  1. Click File from the toolbar located above the sitemap.
  2. Hover your mouse over Save and click Save as a New Version.

  3. Enter a numeric value of your choice (1.2, 1.3, 2, etc).
  4. Click Save New Version. This will save iterations of your sitemap.

  5. To scroll through the multiple versions of your sitemap, go to the center section of the navigation. Click on the Version select menu next to the name of your sitemap.
  6. Select the sitemap version that you want to work on.

A select menu to see all versions is also available on the dashboard next to each sitemap name.

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