Slickplan Help Sitemap Builder Getting Started

Creating multiple sitemap versions

Slickplan projects are living documents, constantly evolving to reflect your project’s progress.

To keep historical records of your work and track changes, consider creating versioned backups of your project.

To create a new version of your Slickplan project:

  1. Open the sitemap and click the file name in the upper left corner of the navigation bar.

    expanding project dropdown

  2. Select New Version.

    select new sitemap version

  3. By default, this field will be pre-populated with the next highest numerical value. If you like, enter a different version as a new whole number or with a decimal point (e.g., “1.2”).

    enter project ver number

  4. Click the green checkmark button to save a new version.

    confirm new project version

  5. Switch between versions to view progress and make changes.

    browsing sitemap versions