Creating free client account

Donte Henley September 23, 2021 Completed

To have the ability to add clients to my slickplan account so that they can at least suggest edits in specific parts would be crucial. I love how great this system is but it doesn’t work if you want to collaborate closely with clients unless i want to take up a paid account spot which then really hinders how much i want to work with this platform. If it could be similar to how teamwork does it where you can have a number of paid normal users then free client users i would feel a lot more comfortable with using the system.

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Official comment

The new version of Slickplan allows viewers to post comments on shared sitemaps (general comments, page feedback, content feedback), so that people without the login details can review and comment your projects. In the shared view, comments are added in the same way as during editing.

More info here: How to add comments to your sitemap?


Rachel Bertsch

Individual comments on the review screen in sections and in-line so clients can give feedback on specific areas of the site instead of having to give general comments and write a bunch out about where they are talking about