Content Planner: In-Line Commenting

Mae Beerman July 14, 2021 Planned

There is a similar feature request about this but it’s from 2016 which predates the new Content Planner so I figured I would highlight this again.

In order to effectively switch from our current content platform to Slickplan (which I am dying to do), as an agency we need the ability for clients and internal team members to be able to add in-line comments within the Content Planner. 

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Tracy Johnson

Official comment

We will be unlikely to move from gathercontent to this tool without inline commenting. Without that feature this isn't a true content management tool. It more like a site building tool and content is just part of that. It doesn't account for a content collaboration process. A shame since you do have other great features.



Official comment

We currently do not plan to add inline commenting, however we have added the ability to comment on content blocks: How to add comments to your project?



Rachel Bertsch

This is also a necessary request tto move away from word docs for our copywriters writing content and getting it approved/proofed into SlickPlan. Please add this feature!