How do I create a new template?


It’s always a good practice to create a template that can easily be assigned to selected page. Sometimes we want to add pages with similar content, so there’s no writing from scratch. Instead, we define a content structure and design a template within the content gathering utility. This template can also be easily edited, cloned or deleted, depending on your current needs.

So, let’s begin:

  1. Navigate to content dashboard and click Templates.

  2. In Templates modal, check Create new template option.
  3. Enter template name.
  4. Click Continue.

    Now, play with your imagination and design a page template. You can add text, image or video blocks even apply a source code to your page. Find more info here.

  5. When done, click Save Template.

    Your newly created template is now ready for use!

Visit the following articles to learn more about page templates:

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