How to use Basecamp intergation?

So now that you have integrated Slickplan with your Basecamp account, let’s see how it works!

We created a Basecamp project called Website Redesign and the first thing on our To-Do list is to do sitemap editing using all of the cool features offered by Slickplan.

When you’re ready to post your sitemap to Basecamp, do the following:

  1. Click the Share button above your sitemap.


  2. From the modal window select Basecamp tab.
  3. Click Select Basecamp Account and select your account and project from the list of created Basecamp projects.


  4. Subject and content of your message are set by default. You can add your comment optionally.
  5. Click Send Message and your message will be posted to Basecamp successfully.

Where is our sitemap link in Basecamp?

  1. Login to Basecamp.
  2. Click the project where you posted your sitemap link.


  3. Your project details will open. Under Message Board you can see that new message was posted. It’s the one we shared from Slickplan. You can click the message link directly to see its content. 


  4. Discussion page will be opened. Here you can see your new discussion details.
  5. Your message from Slickplan will appear with the link to your sitemap. Members of your project can comment or edit this discussion. The sitemap will be opened in a new tab.


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