Slickplan Help Diagram Maker Standalone Diagrams

Importing a diagram file

Easily bring in Slickplan diagrams by uploading files that were previously exported as Slickplan XML data by you or someone else.

Caution: Importing a diagram into your current project will replace your existing one.

Importing into a diagram project

  1. Open a diagram project and then the Import option on the right side of the navigation bar. Click it to open the import panel.

    open diagram import

  2. You can drag and drop the diagram XML file into the drop zone or click Select file to upload it from your hard drive.

    upload diagram xml

  3. Click the Import button to finish the process.

    import diagram xml

Importing into a site planning project

  1. Click the Diagrams tab in the navigation bar.

    diagrams tab

  2. Select the Upload diagram link.

    upload diagram link

  3. To upload a diagram XML file, either drag and drop it into the pop-up window or click Select file to locate it on your computer.

    upload xml

  4. Provide a name for your diagram and select the sitemap page.

    add name destination

  5. Click Upload to confirm.

    upload diagram to page

That’s it! The diagram has been imported to the selected page.