How to use batch edit option?

Batch editing is an awesome feature that allows you to configure all page edit options at once! This saves a lot of time and is also a quick way of customizing your sitemap pages. You can even delete multiple pages!

However, please note that batch editing will overwrite the current page state.

To batch edit selected page(s), follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to sitemap toolbar and click Batch Edit. Batch editing options will load above your sitemap.

  2. Click the sitemap page(s) you wish to edit.  You can select multiple pages at once before doing any customization.

  3. In the Page Label enter the selected page(s) label. This step is optional. Unless you specify new label, each of the selected pages will still have a unique page name.
  4. From the Page Color choose new color to edit your selected sitemap page color.
  5. From the Text Color choose new color to edit your selected page text color. All of the above changes will be immediately reflected on the selected page.

  6. To add page type, link & note to the selected page:
    1. Click Add Page Type to add new page type. You can choose from 9 different page types or create your own custom page type. The new page type icon will immediately be displayed on the left of the sitemap cell (selected page).
    2. Click Add Link to add a link to your sitemap page. Click Save.
    3. Click Add Notes to enter notes about your page. When completed click Save.

  7. To apply these changes to more than one page, after configuring the batch edit options, simply select the pages you wish to edit and the changes will be reflected right upon your mouse click.


Delete Multiple Pages

To delete selected page(s):

  1. Click the sitemap page you wish to delete.
  2. Click Delete Pages.

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