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Integrating Slickplan with Teamwork

Before you start, generate an API KEY from your Teamwork profile. Head to Teamwork’s site to locate your Teamwork API key.

To integrate Slickplan with your Teamwork account:

  1. Click the question mark icon located in the navigation bar.

    click question mark

  2. Click the Integrations option in the menu.

    open integration

  3. Find Teamwork on Slickplan’s integration page, then select the Connect button beside the logo.

    connect teamwork

  4. When a pop-up appears, enter your Teamwork API key, then click Connect.

    teamwork api

  5. You’re all set! Enjoy the enhanced features on both platforms to meet all your project management needs.

    disconnect teamwork

Read our additional article for tips on using the Teamwork integration.