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Copy or Export/Import Footer section from one map to another

I have a footer section in one map that I want to copy into another footer section (with all its children) for a different site map. Based on the tutorials I've come across, you can only export a whole site map—but theoretically import it into another section elsewhere if it's in the right format.

Currently, the only import option that's available via Slickplan's Import/Export dialog is TXT file—and for some reason, none of the child content from the footer section is included when exporting.

tldr; Is there a straightforward way for me to essentially copy a footer section over to another site map and keep its content intact?

cat b

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While it is possible to import pages, sitemaps, and projects into a section of an existing project - currently, individual sections cannot be exported. In turn, they cannot be reimported into a different project. The best solution will be to export the project in full as a Slickplan XML. This file type is specific to our app and will carry with it all aspects of the project. From there you can import this into a section you create on a footer page. This must be imported into a section to avoid overwriting the entire project. Once the Slickplan XML is imported into the newly created section of your footer page, you can delete anything you do not need (from the original project) and retain the content. 

Sean LeSuer
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