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Nicolai van WYLICH-MUXOLL February 16, 2016 Answered

Prior to ironing out a new website, I need to map out the existing website. Because this allows for a gap analysis with regard to what can be omitted, and what needs to be developed. 

Such a feature would facilitate communication with client and team much more easily. As it would then be more obvious what new content, that needs to be developed. 

So… I am searching for such a feature in the sitemap solution. Screaming Frog has some of it, but does not allow for the same easy overview as found in Slickplan. 

…or du you have such a feature, please?


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Ian Lawson
Ian Lawson Official comment

Hi Nicolai,We have a feature called the site crawler that can index an existing website by entering just the URL or uploading an XML file. After you've imported the existing site structure you can make a separate version of the same project as you iterate the existing structure and the new one evolves.