Slickplan Help Diagram Maker Standalone Diagrams

Starting a new diagram project: quick guide

To start a new diagram project:

  1. Click the New project button at the dashboard’s top right.

    click new project

  2. Choose Build a Diagram from the Project Type modal window, then proceed by clicking on Create Project.

    build a diagram

  3. Provide the project name and attach a logo.

    new diagram name

  4. By default, each new project begins with a blank canvas. However, you can jumpstart your project with our vast collection of diagram templates.

    Click the Diagram template menu to access our complete library.

    select template

  5. To preview any template in detail, click the eye icon next to its name.

    click eyecon

  6. To assign team members to a project, click the Add a team member field and choose an existing user from the list.

    select users when creating project

  7. To bring a new team member on board, click Create new user.

    create new user with new project

  8. Input the new team member’s name and email address, then click Add to send the invitation.

    send invite to new member

  9. Click Create Project to save changes.

    create diagram project