Refer a Friend - FAQs

Why didn’t I get a coupon for my discount?

If you are currently a trial member and referred 1 or more friends, your 15% discount will be automatically applied to your account. When you proceed to a paid subscription, you will see the discounted price on the checkout page. If you are still having trouble with your Refer A Friend discount please contact us.


Will people that I refer through this program know who invited them?

Yes, we will send an email invite to Slickplan on your behalf. The message will contain your full name and email address (as listed in your Slickplan account).


Can I get a discount on my next billing date if I am already a paid subscriber?

No, the 15% discount is only available to current trial members. We recommend checking out our Affiliate Rewards Program for referral cash incentives.


Can I still refer a friend if I am a current paid subscriber?

Yes, you can always invite more friends, co-workers and colleagues through the Refer A Friend page form at any time.


How many times can I invite a user to Slickplan through the Refer A Friend Program?

We will only send an invite one time per email address. We also will not send an invite to users already in our database or unsubscribe lists.


Can I transfer my Refer A Friend Discount to another account?

No, all discounts are valid for the account in which they were originally applied.

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