How to import Google Sitemap XML file?


Importing sitemap XML file feature uses the site crawler and is only available to Pro, Team and Agency users or there is a $5 fee for Basic users.

To import sitemap XML file, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Open an existing sitemap. Please note that importing new sitemap will overwrite your existing sitemap.
    1. Or, create new sitemap.
  3. Click Import/Export tab above your sitemap.

  4. Select Import tab in the modal.
  5. Select Sitemap XML radio button.
  6. Click Browse to locate XML file on your computer. Click Open.

  7. You may select additional options to go with your imported sitemap:
    1. Cell Text
      1. Click Use File/Directory name to include file/directory name in your sitemap page label.
      2. Click Use H1 to include the main header in your sitemap page label.
      3. Click Use Page Title to include page title in your sitemap page label.
    2. Other
      1. Click Add Link to add link to your sitemap.
      2. Click Add Meta Description Note to add note to your sitemap.
  8. Click Import when completed.

After several seconds, you will see the message saying your sitemap was successfully imported.

Note: For security reasons site crawler is limited to 5000 pages (you can fetch up to 5000 pages during one crawling process).

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