How do I load custom colors palette?


Once saved, your swatch palette is always available for use. Therefore, when you create a new sitemap and want to use an old palette you like, simply:

  1. Navigate to Edit Styles menu item and click Custom Color.
  2. An empty swatch palette is shown above the sitemap. Click Load on the right.

  3. The list of available, previously saved color palettes will be presented in the new window.
  4. Select the desired color palette to be used with your new sitemap and click Load.
    1. If you wish to delete specific color palette:
      1. Place a checkmark near the specific color palette.
      2. Click Delete Palette.

You may reset colors and add new palette, also. To do this:

  1. Click New button.
  2. The swatch palette colors are blank, enabling you to add new colors.

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