How to edit sitemap swatch presets?

Playing with sitemap swatch presets means that you can change your sitemap colors according to the selected sitemap level. These levels are:

  • All (entire sitemap is covered)
  • Utilities (utility sitemap pages are covered)
  • Footer (footer sitemap button is covered)
  • Home (home sitemap button is covered)
  • First Level (first level pages are covered)
  • Second Level (second level pages (subpages) are covered); Third Level, Fourth Level, Fifth Level and so on.
  • All page types are also listed here, so you can change color for pages that have specified page type.

Each time you select a different page levels, they are highlighted in your sitemap. For example, let’s apply colors for Utilities, Home and First Level sitemap pages.

  1. Click the Styles button on the toolbar above your sitemap and select Swatch Presets.


  2. Different swatches are shown above your sitemap. Level options are located on the left.


  3. From the drop down Level list on the right, select Utilities. When hovering your mouse over the Utilities level option, you may see those sitemap cells (i.e. utility pages) are immediately highlighted.

  4. Click the color swatch you wish to apply to Utility pages. We selected the fifth swatch from the left-light green.
  5. Utility pages are now changed from default to selected swatch preset color.
  6. Follow the above steps to apply swatches to Home and First Level sitemap pages.

  7. Save and apply your changes by clicking the "apply" button on the right.
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